5 essential car accessories you must have for road trips

5 essential car accessories

5 essential car accessories you must have for road trips

If you’ve recently bought a new car, chances are you’ll want to make the most of your motor by investing in some car accessories. Here some of essential car accessories that you must have for road trips

RD Overseas, India’s Top Brand For Car Accessories brings a list of must have car accessories to keep you safe and sound at isolated places.

Car Mobile Chargers: 

Car mobile charger

Mobile phones now feature the micro USB charging port as standard. Different mobile phones in different types of charging. Our car mobile chargers are the best supplement for charging mobile phones during long rides and tours. It has smart charge technology which protects your device battery from over charging and gives proper current for a safe and fast charge of your device.

Car Tyre Inflators:

Car tyre inflators

Everyone has faced a flat tyre moment atleast for once in their lives. Such inevitable situations can now be fought against as, Our car tyre Inflators come with different valves and are easy to use and very compact. You can use those inflators for generating a pressure ranging from 150 – 300 Psi and can be used to fill air in multiple objects like football, inflatable toys etc. This is not the end, the product comes up with 1 years of warranty. Our car tyre inflators are available in both Digital & Analog meter.

Car Audio Systems:

car audio system

There’s nothing that goes better with a road trip than the perfect car audio system. Don’t let your speakers sound thin and boring, rather bring new life into your sound with our upgraded speakers. Say “sayonara” to your stock speakers. Once you’ve made the switch from your stock stereo, your vehicle will be cruising down the highway sounding like your own personal rock concert.

Car Vacuum Cleaner:

Car vacuum cleaners

Nobody likes to travel in untidy cars with full of dust and wrappers. This situation usually happens when we travel with our family with kids around. So to make your travel dust free, we recommend carrying portable RD Overseas Car vacuum Cleaner along with you.

Hydraulic Bottle Jack:

hydrolic bottle jacks-min

Do you find tough to replace a tyre?

Replacement of flat tyre has now been made easy with our latest RD B-01 bottle hydraulic jack. The capacity for the jack is 2 Ton and helps lift SUVs, Sedans & Hatchback cars easily. The safety valve hydraulic system limits the height in case of weight increase in car to protect the person replacing flat tyre. Most car buyers aren’t in the habit of checking for a spare while they’re kicking tires.Having a spare tires is helpful when tyre is damaged. Keep that in mind.

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