How to check vehicle tire pressure and inflate tires

How to check vehicle tire pressure and inflate tires

Maintaining tire inflation is one of the essential things that you need to keep in mind. Wondering why? Well, an Inflated tire can cause tire failure and a crash, which might kill you. That’s the major reason to check your vehicle’s tire pressure. Other major reasons are A well-inflated tire has a longer lifespan, faster steering, greater fuel economy, and smoother driving than a poorly inflated tire. Moreover, both Under-inflation and over-inflation can cause you trouble as they damage the tire and further a tire failure.

Now, as we know, why is it important to check vehicle tire pressure and inflate the tire. It is time to read about the whole process by which you can check vehicle tire pressure and inflate tires.

How to Check Vehicle tire pressure and inflate tires

Checking tire pressure is easy – if you buy a pressure gauge. A pressure gauge is a must for all vehicles to have a safe, peaceful, and economical journey. Also, Pressure Gauge makes all the steps easier that you need to complete while checking tire pressure or inflate tires. Let us look into all the steps.

  • Try to start with Cold Tires(Tires are generally cold in the morning) Find the pressure level or PSI needed. Such detail is generally on the driver’s side on a yellow sticker and included in the owner’s manual. The pressure for the front and rear pipes can be different.

PSI – literally “pounds per square inch” pressure – is defined in car manufacturing firms, meaning that the tires are colder. Tires are seen as cold when the vehicle is stopped for three or more hours or when it is pushed at moderate velocity at less than one mile (1,6 km). PSI is the unit used to provide readings for your pressure gauge.

  • Remove the valve cap and position it sideways or in a pocket so that you do not lose it.
  • Activate the valve stem by pushing the tire gauge. A slight sound of hiss may occur when you move the valve stem down and release it again. Do this for a second or two to get an accurate reading.
  • Now you have to read the readings on your digital pressure gauge.
  • You should also write down the readings.

After you check tire pressure by the points as mentioned above, You can fill your vehicle tires.

How to fill tires?

You can fill tires by two methods.

  1. Buy a portable air compressor.
  2. Go to a nearby gas station.


  • Check your tire pressure every month.
  • Use a good pressure gauge.
  • Push the air valve to release air if the measurement is above a recommended PSI level. Re-check the pressure in the tire. If required, release more air. You can always add some air back when you release too much air.
  • Accuracy matters, and when selecting a scale, you should note that. You can find a standard, exact pressure gauge for just a few bucks, providing precise measurements. Ask a skilled technician what you want if you are not sure what to buy.
  • A digital pull pressure gauge gives you accurate measurements, but remember that it works on a battery. If you think replacing the battery is a tedious task for you, you can also use a standard gauge.


  • Checking tire pressure and inflate tires is necessary and must be done often. Moreover, we should try to make it a habit. Having a good tyre inflator can help you in innumerable ways. That’s why you should buy a tyre inflator from a well-reputed company. It will help you and your vehicle as well to work in comfort.

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