How to Take Care of Car in Lockdown

Take care of your care in the lockdown

CoronaVirus made everyone so scare that even small kids of two to three years are aware of this virus.This virus has made everyone house-bound. When no human will go out then obviously your cars are also in lockdown. The whole society is facing the effects of government-mandated lockdown and cars also suffer simultaneously.

So. a big question arises here. How to take care of the car during a lockdown?

We are living in an era where social distancing will save us. It will definitely surprise you to know that you can take care of your car with social distancing too. Car is an emotion for its owner. Neither car can speak, nor cars can feel pain. But yeah, we as a human can feel them.

Let’s discuss the ways to take care of the car during the lockdown.

  • Monitor the battery: The car battery provides the zap of electricity which made the other electrical components work properly. On average, batteries of the car lasts for 2 to 5 years. The electrical system in modern cars is reliable as compared to old cars. If you park your car for a few days, it won’t reduce the car to junk. Starting a car once in a week and leave it running for a few minutes will make your battery sufficient charge. While your engine is running, turn off other functions like radio or air conditioner to put less wear and tear on the battery power. If you face any trouble in starting the car, keep the car switched on for some time.
  • Take care of tyres:

Tyres are very important part of the car and it will be the worst damage to the car if you won’t be able to move it. It is very obvious that in this lockdown period, we can’t move the car enough and the whole weight of the car will be on tyres which will develop some cracks in tyres. If car left for a long period of time this can lead to flat spots and your tyres will lose the round shape, especially on older tyres. Let’s see, how to prevent this.

  • Move a car little bit daily.
  • You’ll need to inflate your tyres to the maximum of the pressure found on their sidewall.
  • Keep an eye on the tyre pressure, and try to keep spare tyre with you.


  • Don’t use hand brakes: There is a possibility that brakes will get damaged if you leave the brakes on. Use the alternative by putting a stone as a tyre stopper to prevent the rolling motion. This way you can prevent the damage in brakes during this lockdown period.


  • Protect exterior of car:

Wash your car and prevent it from dirt. If you have a garage the you can use it as a safe place to keep your car. It will not expose the paint to sun, rain and other external things. You can cover the car with a good car cover to prevent it from dirt and unwanted scratches.

  • Fill the car fuel tank:

I think this is the most important thing which you should definitely do during the lockdown as other things depend on the fuel only. Try to keep enough oil in your tank. It will help to prevent the moisture in the fuel tank.

  • Take wipers off the screen: Do not keep wipers stuck to the windshield in this lockdown period, it will create some marks on the screen. You can put a cloth or tissue paper under the blades to prevent marks.
  • Take extra care of your car dealership: During this lockdown period, it is highly likely that your car dealership can be shut. If you are still using your car for essential services such as medical, police, media etc, you must take extra care of your car. Your car might be overdue for a regular service, make sure your engine oil level is adequate. Do not drive fast as the roads are empty. These basic things you can get checked on your regular fuel pump as well.


  • Keep the interior clean:

Keep the interior of the car neat and clean. It will be ready for the first trip you plan to take when the lockdown is finally over.

There is no need to worry and panic about your car during this lockdown period. Just follow these steps and you can surely take care of your car.


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