Maintenance Kit for your Car during Lockdown.

Maintenance Kit for Car
With the uncertainty that 2020 brought to all of us, our cars and other daily usable appliances have been affected too. Though there’s always a brighter side to everything, that’s why we are here to help you maintain your car during the lockdown and get it rejuvenated just like we all will be after this lockdown ends. While we all are disheartened by the spread of pandemic disease it’s an opportunity too to become stronger and optimistic via the help of keeping ourselves and our day to day used goods updated. Car maintenance is also a crucial part of this. So let’s dive straight into the list of all the items that you must’ve in your kit.

⦁ Vacuum Cleaners

Vaccum Cleaner
 Now it’s the most obvious thing which you must’ve while looking for extra accessories for your car during the lockdown.
And when you are buying a vacuum cleaner for your car you must keep in mind that it must be handy and small. In addition to it, a vacuum cleaner with more wattage and storage is an added bonus to it. So to purchase best vacuum cleaners at an affordable price you must visit: Vacuum Cleaner

⦁ Jacks

Hydraulic Jacks

Replacing a flat tyre was tiresome work but now with the help of hydraulic jack, it has become a child’s play.  By using car jacks you can check and care for car parts that are hard to reach. With the help of this jack available at our website: HYDRAULIC BOTTLE JACK RD B-01 you can lift up to 2 Tones weight easily which means any 4 wheeler can be lifted at ease. Plus it has a hard base and solid surface with a quality grip which makes it the safest jack available across the market. If you ever need a Jack, HYDRAULIC BOTTLE JACK RD B-01 should be your first preference.

⦁ Car Alarm System

Car Alarm System
With so much happening around us, the least you can want is someone stealing your car. Just imagine someone stole your car how much trouble it would cause you. Financial loss and relying on someone to give you lift are some of the many problems that’ll occur. To rescue you from all of this we have a special Car Alarm System. Since the car will be staying in your garage near your home alarm type security system is best for your car. Whenever there will be unauthorized entry to your car it will notify you with loud sounds providing you more security and confidence.  Plus with the help of a remote enabled alarm system, you can lock or unlock all of the doors altogether. It also provides stereo protection which is compatible with shock sensors that alarm the car after sensing any harm on the car body. So without further ado, you must get safety and security for your car at Car Alarm Systems

⦁ Car Lights

Car Headlights
When coming to checking to car’s accessories one of the major things we neglect is car headlights. In India, most of us still use old halogen lights in our cars. The reason being they are too cheap. But there are many demerits of it as well. Halogen based lights work on the principle of filament heating. Whenever there is an increase in the temperature of filament it gets brighter.
This causes lots of wear and tear to headlights. Moreover, they use a lot of energy and make them inefficient in the long term. To help you with this problem we have RD X 200 LED. They are a straight competitor to halogen-based headlights. And without any doubt LED BASED HEADLIGHTS beat old lights in many features. Our CAR LED HEADLIGHTS RD X200 offers more visibility via reflecting more light thus making the road safer. Using a specially designed arc mechanism it produces two times more visible light than regular halogen bulbs & high-intensity lights. In addition to it, it has a longer lifetime. To add to the bonus point they also make your car look more futuristic and stylish. So if you’re someone who loves elegancy and safety too you must buy CAR LED HEADLIGHTS RD X200 from our official website

⦁ Tire Inflator

Tyre Inflators
Now if you by any bad luck have flat tires during a lockdown you must be needing this while having no other options left. This is a tyre inflator or also known as Air Compressor. Don’t underestimate it for being just a mechanical tool. It comes most handy whether it’s lockdown or it is your long journey traveling. It’s the most convenient accessory which you must keep in your maintenance kit whether it’s lockdown or normal days. Tire Inflator works on the simple principle that a hosepipe transfers air to the tires making them intact and easier to get them punctured. By having this you may not need to specially visit the mechanic. By having it in your kit you yourself can repair flat tires comfortably. Plus some of the best features it includes are portability, economical, safe and user-friendly. Therefore, to help you maintain your car and yourself happy we have various types of air compressors available. Don’t forget to check them out at Air Compressor
Bonus Tips:
⦁ Keep your road tax update.
⦁ Keep your car insurance up-to-date.
⦁ Check all the fluid levels
⦁ Check your brakes regularly.
⦁ Buy a trickle charger.
⦁ Start your car up to once a week to keep it’s battery working.
⦁ While the car is on, keep the Air- conditioning on as well to sustain working conditions in the seals of it.

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